B . Bryan Ferry

26/9/45: Born in Washington, County Durham, England. Son of a miner.
1963 - 64: Joins The Banshees, an amateur band, at school.
September 64: Leaves school for Newcastle University.
1965: Forms The Gas Board with Graham Simpson and John Porter; they cover songs of Bobby Bland, Wilbert Harrison and Otis Redding and play two years on the club circuit. Fan of US Soul Music.
1966: Leaves the band to get on with his degree.
1968: Graduates in Fine Art at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
1969: Moves to London and has two ceramic exhibitions there, works as a ceramics teacher in Hammersmith, starts to write his own songs after having started to learn how to play the piano.
1970: Jobs as van driver, ceramics teacher, antiques restorer; learns how to play keyboards properly from Graham Simpson.
Autumn 70: Has about 12 - 15 songs ready; auditions unsuccessfully as singer for King Crimson. Looses his job as a teacher when school authorities objected to his turning classes into music sessions.
July 73: Records his first solo LP "These Foolish Things", containing only standards from other composers. Single: "A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall".
June 1974: Releases "Another Time, Another Place", containing cover versions and one of his own songs. Singles: "The In Crowd", "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes".
December 74: A short series of solo concerts by Ferry, including London's Royal Albert Hall. He is backed by a 55-piece orchestra and a rock group. The press doesn't like it, but the audience does.
1975: Ferry gets to meet Jerry Hall at the cover-sessions for "Siren". "You Go To My Head" is released as another solo-single.
Summer 76: After Roxy Music's temporary disbanding, Ferry announces his engagement to Jerry Hall.
1976: "Let's Stick Together" first released in America, then worldwide by public demand. Releases the first EP of the 70ies, "Extended Play".
1977: World Tour, together with Chris Spedding, John Wetton, Paul Thompson and Phil Manzanera amongst others. The tour visits the UK (February), Europe (March), Australia, Japan and the US (May-August).
April 1977: Sings "She's Leaving Home" on the Soundtrack and film of Lou Reizner's "All This And World War II".
Releases "In Your Mind".
1978: Jerry Hall leaves Ferry for Mick Jagger. Bryan Ferry records "The Bride Stripped Bare" in Montreux and releases it later in the year.
August 1978: A planned world tour is cancelled, when ticket sales turn out to be poor.
26/6/82: Marries Lucy Helmore.
1982: Writes one song for Frida of ABBA.
1983 - 1985: Recording of "Boys And Girls" in various studious around the world with guests David Gilmour and Mark Knopfler amongst others.
March 85: Bryan Ferry releases "Boys And Girls", complete with three singles in the following year. It was the first sign of life after Roxy Music split again, but kept the spirit and sound of Roxy Music going.
Roger Daltrey records "Going Strong", especially written for him by Ferry.
13/7/85: Live in London, Wembley, for LIVE AID, doing 4 songs: "Sensation", "Boys And Girls", "Slave To Love", "Jealous Guy". Musicians: David Gilmour; Neil Hubbard; Chester Kamen; Jimmy Maelen; Andy Newmark; Marcus Miller; Jon Carin; Michelle Cobbs; Ednah Holt; Fonzi Thornton.
1986: Writes a track for the American version of the fantasy film "Legend": "Is Your Love Strong Enough".
Summer 87: "Help Me", a song from the film "The Fly" is released in America only.
November 87: Bryan Ferry releases "Bête Noir" after another two years of recording, "Roxy reform" rumours circulate. Ferry does a short gig in New York to promote the LP.
April 88: Meets Brian Eno in America, both get friendly again with each other.
August & September 88: Surprise North American Tour (34 Dates), starting at "Poughkeepsie" and finishing in Los Angeles. Musicians are: Clifford Carter - keyboards; Michelle Cobbs - vocals; Ednah Holt - vocals; Luico Hopper - bass guitar; Neil Hubbard - guitar; Andy Newmark - drums; Miguel Pomier - percussion; Jeff Thall - guitar
September & October 89: Tour of Japan.
October & November 88: Tour of Australia and New Zealand.
November 88 - January 89: European Tour.
December 89: A video from the European tour is released, including a nearly complete show (mixed from various nights). In between the tracks there are shots from Berlin, which seem a bit out of touch with the actual developements over there.
1992: "Are You Lonesome Tonight" appears on the soundtrack of "Honeymoon in Vegas"
1993: Releases "Taxi", another collection of old favourites.
The singles from "Taxi" are released in two formats, one called "The Archive & Live Collection Vol. I-III", containing live songs from Glasgow 1988. On various CD-singles a track or two from that show are released, giving the public a nearly complete show on single b-sides.
1994: "Mamouna" is released, seeing a reunion with Phil Manzanera, Andy Mackay and Brian Eno on a few of the songs, although not together on one song.
Fall 1994/Early 1995: Another World Tour with a very good song selection, but mixed reactions from the press. Andy Mackay joins Ferry on stage on a couple of shows in Great Britain.
May/June 1996: Tours with an orchestra and various other musicians (e. g. Gary Brooker, Roger Hodgson) in a kind of classical rock package tour. Performs 4 songs, including "She's Leaving Home".
July 1996: "Dance With Life" is released as a CD-single, another so-so song.