C . Brian Eno

15/5/48: Born in Woodbridge, Suffolk; full Name: Brian Peter George St. John Le Baptiste De La Salle Eno.

1953 - 1964: Educated by nuns and brothers of the De La Salle order, Ipswich.

1964: Enrolls at Ipswich Art School for foundation studies, Tutor: Roy Ascot.

Is inspired by experimental art and avant-garde music of Cornelius Cardew and John Cage.

1966: Enrolls at Winchester School of Art, studies Fine Arts (Painting and Sculpture).

1967: Establishes The Merchant Taylor's Simultaneous Cabinet, performing works by himself and others. Forms heavy rock group The Maxwell Demon, in which he sings lead vocals; they play two gigs. Meets Andy Mackay, when lecturing on avant-garde music at Reading. Becomes president of the Student's Union.

1968: Writes and publishes theoretical handbook "Music for Non-Musicians".

1969: Finishes Art School with a diploma in Fine Art.

Moves to London, where he plays with the Scratch Orchestra, led by Cornelius Cardew, and The Portsmouth Sinfonia. Becomes an electronic whizz and one of the first musicians to play the synthesizer, although he describes himself as a "non-musician".

1971: First recording session for "The Great Learning" by Cornelius Cardew.

1973: Collaboration with Robert Fripp and his "Frippertronics", which leads to the release of "No Pussyfooting"in November.

Produces The Portsmouth Sinfonia.

Releases "Here Come The Warm Jets".

1974: Records with John Cale and Nico.

First solo single "Seven Deadly Finns".

February 74: A tour with The Winkies starts, but comes to an abrupt halt after the third date, as Eno is not able to sing through a complete show due to problems with his lungs and has a nervous breakdown.

March 1974: Releases "Here Come The Warm Jets".

1/6/74: Concert with John Cale, Nico and Kevin Ayers. The band is joined by Mike Oldfield, Robert Wyatt and others, later released as an LP.

November 1974: Releases "Taking Tiger Mountain". Produces the first Television LP, that was never released officially.

1975: Releases "Oblique Strategies" with Peter Schmidt, a set of 100 cards to give new inspiration to work.

Releases "Evening Star" with Fripp and does a short tour with him.

"Another Green World" is released.

Sets up "Obscure Records", a record label that releases 10 records over the years until 1978. It gives artists like the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Mychael Nyman, Gavin Bryars and Harold Budd amongst others the first chance to record and release their music. Brian Eno contributes "Discreet Music".

Works with John Cale on "Slow Dazzle" and "Helen of Troy", with Phil Manzanera on "Diamond Head" and with Robert Wyatt on "Ruth is Stranger Than Richard".

1976: "Music for Films" is released in an edition of 500 copies and sent to film directors.

August &

September 76: Plays 3 dates with 801, the Phil Manzanera group. The last date is recorded and released as "801 Live" later in the year.

November 76: Publishes "Generating and Organizing Variety in the Arts".

Work on David Bowie's "Low" begins.

Januar 1977: "Low" is released, featuring major contributions from Brian Eno.

May 1977: Meets Talking Heads in London and invites them home to his house.

1977: Records and plays live with German band "Cluster". Produces Ultravox!

"Heroes", the second Collaboration with David Bowie, is released.

December 1977: "Before and After Science" is released, including 4 reproductions of paintings by Peter Schmidt.

1978: Produces the "No New York" Punk Sampler with Contortions, Teenage Jesus and The Jerks, DNA and Mars. Produces Devo.

"Music For Films" (different to the above mentioned version) and "Music for Airports" are released.

"After The Heat" is released by Eno, Moebius and Roedelius (Cluster).

June 1978: "More Songs About Buildings And Food" by Talking Heads is released.

March 1979: "Music For Airports" is the first release on his Ambient Label and the first "true" ambient recording.

July 1979: Talking heads release the Eno-produced "Fear of Music". David Bowie releases "Lodger".

1979: Contributes the music to a Spanish project "In A Land Of Clear Colours", a science fiction play by Robert Sheckley. Only 1000 LPs, together with a book, are made.

1980: Collaborations with Harold Budd ("The Plateaux of Mirrors") and Jon Hassell ("Possible Musics").

September 1980: Talking Head's "Remain in Light" produces international success for the band, helped by Eno's production.

February 1981: Records "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts" with David Byrne.

March 1982: Releases "On Land".

1983: Releases "Apollo" with Daniel Lanois and brother Roger Eno.

A ten LP set "Working Backwards" is released, covering all the important solo work of Brian Eno and includes both versions of "Music for Films".

1984: Produces U2's "Unforgettable Fire", as requested by the band.

Releases "The Pearl" with Harold Budd and contributes to Michael Brook's and Roger Eno's solo LPs.

1985: Releases the music of "Thursday Afternoon", a video specially done for Sony Japan, on CD only.

Works on Theresa De Sio's "Africana".

1986: Produces U2's "Joshua Tree".

1987: Collaborates with Michael Brook on Theresa De Sio's "Sindarella Suite".

April 88: Wins Grammy for "Best Record of The Year" with U2's "Joshua Tree".

13/4/88: Takes part as Western Host in the Satellite link between London and Leningrad to discuss Western and Eastern music on TV.

August 88: Produces the Neville Brothers in America.

Autumn 88: Discovers Djivan Gasparyan for Opal, his production company and has major influence on the release in "Music for Films III", which also includes some of his latest recordings.

Visits New York for the "Save the Rain Forests" festival. It is announced that he will be installing a new piece of music that incorporates original recordings from the rain forests of Central Africa.

September &

October 88: Lectures held around the world (Berlin, Los Angeles, Cologne) on different subjects, e. g. introduction of new works ("Public Talk"). The public always gets the chance to ask questions.

Records "You Don't Miss Your Water", an old Byrds song, for the "Married To The Mob" soundtrack. The record is his first lead vocal recording after 11 years of releasing instrumental tracks.

November 88: Spends ten days in Moscow to produce Zvuki Mu, a Russian band. Produces Carmel in London.

April & May 89: Produces John Cale in Moscow at the Gosteleradio Studios and in England.

Brian Eno's Video Installations and Exhibitions :

7/79 Kitchen Center, New York, USA

2/80 Paul Ide Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

5/80 Hallwals, Buffalo, New York, USA

6/80 La Guardia Airport, New York, USA

6/80 Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis, USA

8/80 New Gallery of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, USA

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas, USA

8 & 9/80 ARC, Toronto, Canada

9/80 Grand Central Station, New York, USA

6/81 Aluminium Nights, Bonds, New York, USA

7/81 University Art Museum, Berkeley, California, USA

7/81 Harpos Bazaar, Bologna, Italy

7 & 8/81 The New Museum, New York, USA

8 & 9/81 St. Louis Arts Museum, St. Louis, USA

11/81 The Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2/82 Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2 & 3/82 Espace Lyonnais d'Art Contemporain, Lyon, France

4 & 5/82 Biennale Of Sydney, Australia

5 & 6/82 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

6/82 Almeida Theatre, London, England

7/82 ICA, London, England

1/83 Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, England

Concord Gallery, New York, USA

4/83 Galleria del Cavallino, Venice, Italy

5/83 Festival of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

7 & 8/83 La Foret Museum, Aksaka, Tokyo, Japan

9/83 Centre National D'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

12/83 ICA, Boston, USA

1/84 Der Hang Zum Gesamtkunstwerk, Festival, Institute Unzeit, West Berlin, Germany

2/84 Tegel Airport, Berlin, Germany

3/84 Maison d'Accueil, Lille, France

5/84 Maison de la Culture, Grenoble, France

9 & 10/84 The Luminous Image, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

Crystals, Church of S. Carpoforo, Milan, Italy

10/84 Video Culture Canda, Toronto, Canada

12/84 Century 66, Toronto, Canada

1/85 2nd International Contemporary Art Fair, Olympia, London, England

2/85 Museo del Risorgimento, Rome, Italy

Another Room, Frankfurter Musikmesse, Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, Germany

6/85 Galleria del Cavallino, Venice

10/85 1st Frankfurt Public Design Fair, Frankfurt, Germany

Triennale, Design Centre, Milan, Italy

11/85 Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Art Fair, Gallerie Zwirner, Cologne, Germany

1/86 Husets Udstillinger, Copenhagen, Denmark

26/3-20/4/86 Place # 11 - Riverside Studios, London, England

26/4-25/5/86 Espace # 12, CNAC, Grenoble, France

6-28/6/86 Place # 13 - Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, Eire

6-9/86 The Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

5-31/8/86 Place # 15 - Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany

10/86 Place # 16 - Curch of S. Carpoforno, Milan, Italy

11/86 Interaction, Camden Arts Centre, London, England

26/1-21/2/87 Place # 18 - Casino Dell'Aurora, Rome

3/87 "In Harmonic Space", Ospedale Degli Innocenti, Florence, Italy

24/6-25/7/87 Place # 19 - Castle of Frederick II Of Svevia, Bari, Italy


23/7-25/9/87 Monuments and Music - Orto Botanico, Rome (Brian Eno & Andrew Logan)

10-12/87 Sao Paolo Biennale, Brasil

1-20/12/87 Place # 20 - Palau Solleric, Palma de Majorca, Spain

13-28/1/88 Place # 21, Alhondiga, Bilbao, Spain

27/2-10/4/88 Place # 22, Latest Flames, The Exploratorium, San Francisco, USA

14-25/3/88 Installation of Video Paintings at Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Road, Adelaide, Australia. Includes "White Fence", "Portraits", "Thursday Afternoon", "Medieval Manhattan"

6/8-18/9/88 Relics, Charms and Living Rooms from the Recent Past Found Hidden Among Strange Trees (An Enclosed Landscape constructed with Sounds, Lights, Objects and Images), Berlin, Germany

27-31/10/88 Video Installation, Cologne, Germany

10/10-15/11/88 Latest Flames, Ace Gallery, Santa Monica, Los Angeles

20-22/4/89 Relics, Charms and Living Rooms, ECG-TV-Studio 300 Frankfurt, Germany

3-14/5/89 Video Installation at Espacio Pignitelli, Pignitelli Park, Zaragoza, Spain.

20-22/7/89 Sound Installation for the opening of the Tenkawa Diabenzaitensha Shrine in Nara, Japan

29/7-10/8/89 The Seed Gallery, Koen-dori, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan: Video Installation with assorted pieces

8/89 Video Installation in Kobe, Japan.

Videos by Brian Eno

1979: Two Fifth Avenue

1980: White Fence

North From Broome

1981: Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan

1983: Video Sculptures

1984: Video Paintings

Thursday Afternoon

1986: Portraits

Commissions to score music for films , television programs and commercials :

1975: The Devil's Men - Frixos Constantine/UK Film

1976: Sparrowfall - Alan Drury/UK play

Sebastiane: Derek Jarman/UK Film

1977: Science Report "Alternative 3"/Anglia/UK TV

1978: Jubilee: Derek Jarman/UK Film

1982: Silk Cut: Collett, Dickinson, Pearce/UK Commercial

Apollo: Al Reinert/USA Film

1984: Great River Journeys Of The World: "The Nile"/BBC 2/UK TV

Dune: "Prophecy Theme", David Lynch/USA Film

1985: Creation Of The Universe Theme: PBS/USA TV

Lynch/USA Film

1985: Creation Of The Universe Theme: PBS/USA TV