Roxy's Music - A Discography of Roxy Music

I did this book in a hurry in 1984/1985 through 4 weeks of nothing else to do. I released it and sold about 250 items in Europe, some orders even coming from the US of A. I keep updating it every once in a while, having had it transformed from Wordstar to Nota Bene to Ami Pro and to Winword 7.0 and now to HTML. A lot of bits and pieces are missing, due to other things that had to be done. Please fill in the gaps, where possible. I rely on you!

Someday it will be out again with all the pics going with it, for the USA the contract has been done a long time ago, but the Publisher went to sleep.

Please keep me informed of any shortcomings, missing items, missing catalogue numbers etc. I look forward to all new data, especially for singles that have not been available here. There's a lot still missing, believe me! Enjoy!

The copyright in this book belongs to Dr. Johannes Delmere. You can read it, enjoy it, download it, but you are not allowed to reprint or reuse it in any form whatsoever without my written consent. Please send me a mail, if you need more information or want to use it.

Please note: Chapters will appear here in the next few weeks as soon as they are ready. They have to be brushed up a bit in HTML, due to the transformations they went through in their last 10 years. A lot of this material was even written on a PC XT under CP/M, transformed to DOS, to Windows, Win95 and now to Internet format. Just give me some time, thanx.


Chapter I: Introduction 18. 6. 1997

Chapter II: How To Consult The Book 18. 6. 1997

Chapter III: Biographies

  1. Roxy Music 18. 6. 1997
  2. Bryan Ferry 18. 6. 1997
  3. Brian Eno
  4. Andy Mackay
  5. Phil Manzanera
  6. Paul Thompson 18. 6. 1997
  7. Eddie Jobson 18. 6. 1997

Chapter IV: Roxy Music

  1. LP's
  2. 12-inch Singles
  3. 7-inch Singles
  4. Compact Discs
  5. Miscellaneous

Chapter V: Bryan Ferry

Chapter VI: Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music

Chapter VII: Brian Eno - Solo Recordings

Chapter VIII: Brian Eno - Collaborations

Chapter IX: Andy Mackay

Chapter X: Phil Manzanera

Chapter XI: 801

Chapter XII: The Explorers

Chapter XIII: Eddie Jobson

Chapter XIV: Session Works

  1. LP's
  2. 12-inch Singles
  3. 7-inch Singles
  4. Compact Discs
  5. Miscellaneous

Chapter XV: Oddities

Chapter XVI: Compilations and Sample Records

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