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We are Petra, Vanessa & Dr. Johannes Delmere, a family of three right in the middle of Germany, living in a town called Castrop-Rauxel. We would like to take the opportunity given by our Internet Provider INS to put up our homepage for all of you to stop by on your cruise through the servers of the Internet. We like to give some insight into ourselves, our family and our interests and share some thoughts and links with you on these pages. Vanessa's page has been on September 21st, 1996, Petra's and Johannes' page have been slightly modified on March 22nd, 1997. And we will keep on working on them.

We will keep coming back to work on this page as often as our time allows and even will try to make it a bit more personal from time to time. This is all fun for us, we do not have that much time, we do not live in cyberspace all day, but have a real life to live. We now have also moved to Spain part of the time, so we are not here at the computer all the time. It might take us quite some time to put all the things we would like to put onto these pages in the way we would like to show them. Maybe you come back to visit us from time to time and see how the pages grow. It is good fun for us to build and rebuild this page for you. Have fun surfing through it!

More links and pages will be added as soon as we have seen, constructed and liked them. Feel free to give us some hints or URLs we might like to add. Please notice: We will not change the contents of this page very often, but will sometimes add things to the pages that are linked from this page or post some new pictures.

This page will always be "under construction"! Last Revision: November 1, 1999.
We'll indicate where sections have been rearranged or have been redone or just brushed up with an sign.

The Rolling StonesNovember 1, 1999

The band of all bands, at least for Johannes (& sometimes Petra). They still have a lot of impact, believe us. My Bridges to Babylon page is ready!

...and presenting: Axel's 1982 pics and Peter's pics 

Brian Eno: March 22nd, 1997

Have a look at some of the pages that exist about him. It's a shame that he keeps his email-address a secret. Have you heard Generative Music yet? Have you read "Swollen Appendices" yet?

Roxy MusicJune 18th, 1997

They were nice a long time ago and sometimes still are. I have been loving them too long to stop now. I am still working on the revision of this page, but got going a bit recently. Honest, I do need more time. Why don't we all have longer days?

The Tranquil ClubFebruary 28th, 1997

The band that ended all bands and made the music that ended all music (it was fun, though).

Johannes' other bandsFebruary 28th, 1997

If you think the Tranquil Club was bad, here's even worse things from way back!

Our FamilySeptember 21st, 1996

Just some pics we have found lying around. Some new way of having your pictures saved for posterity. At least they do not get too dusty in this picture book. On the other hand, magnetism might wear off. Hmmmmmm.......

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