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Hi, I am Nessa, born Vanessa Simone Delmere on September 2nd 1993. I am the most lovely child in the world, although my parents sometimes think, I am a pain in their behind, which I cannot understand at all. I'll keep you informed about the progress I make. I like the Net, it's pretty wild. I sometimes sit on Daddy's lap, when he surfes around. Mama keeps saying, he spends too much time on the Web, but is not bothered that much, I believe.

I was one year old then. Mama liked to carry me around in a box. I was not that much trouble, when I was in that box. I liked it for some time, but I also liked to live dangerously outside the box.

My first car, Feb. 1994. I got it, because I was really ill then. It kept the pain away from me. I still have it, but I need a bigger one now. I have to talk to Daddy about that!

I hate photosessions for Christmas pics! Dec. 1995. I have grown a bit haven't I? I also can speak properly now, I only do not understand why mama & daddy sometimes tell me to shut up. Do you?

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