Petra's Page

Born on April 28th, 1969, I have been living in Dortmund-Holzen for quite some time, before I married and moved to Castrop-Rauxel in 1993. I have been trained as an employee with a lawyer and notary, but I am not working at the moment. There's too much work in the house with our little baby.

I wonder where all the pictures of me without Nessa have gone? We can't find them. So here's another one with Nessa, also notice the VL-tickets on the wall.

Ah, there's one. It's from November 1994, the night before Axel's & Silvia's big wedding party. I had a bad cold there, though.

Berlin 1996, Love Parade weekend

At home, slightly bored ;-)

More to follow, lots of pics have been scanned, but we do not have the time to work on them properly. There's even some that I feel not too sure about uploading. Just stay alert and watch this page ;-)

A very last one: me with my parents, after my father did win the 6 DAYS in Dortmund 1970 or 1971. It's from an old newspaper, so the quality is not very good. Enjoy nonetheless.

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