Black Cat Bone featuring Mick Taylor



As far as I know, Mick did this record in early December 1995 with german band Black Cat Bone. Their lead guitarist Hans-Joerg Mueller only wanted to do another record if Mick was playing with him. So Mick was contacted and said yes. And it was a very good thing for us Stones fans that he did say yes, because he did a lot of very fine playing on a couple of tracks. Most outstanding of course is his singing and soloing on Blind Willie McTell, a track written and recorded by Bob Dylan for his "Infidels" record, but never released officially with Mick Taylor. If you know the outtakes of that track that are in circulation, you will know what I mean. When the solo Mick is playing for Bob is really taking off, the track is faded out. Here you get the full treat of 10.14 minutes of Mick Taylor singing and letting his guitar bleed. GREAT! Another fine instrumental song is "Mick's Song", where he can really show off, what he still is able to do to a guitar. Mick also wrote a track for the record, called "Slow Blues", which it is, so the CD is a real must for any Mick Taylor fan.

Track Listing:

1) Wake up Call (Egan/Love) 4.17

MT: lead guitar

2) Ain't That I Don'T Love You (Clitford) 4.01

3) The Stumble (King/Thompson) 3.23

MT: lead guitar (left channel)

4) Cold Champagne (Mueller) 4.22

5) Blind Willie McTell (Dylan) 10.14

MT: vocals, lead guitar

6) Mick's Song (Mueller) 6.27

MT: lead & rhythm guitar

7) Get Out Of My Life Woman (Toussaint) 4.49

8) Slow Blues (Taylor) 4.18

MT: lead guitar

9) Heart Fixing Man (Davis) 4.34

10) Mercy, Mercy (Zawinul) 4.27

11) Italian Summer (Mueller) 3.56

12) Blue Shadows (Glenn) 4.15

Double Dutch Records, Antennestraat 74, 1322 AS Almere, Holland

Double Dutch Records, Marktgasse 14 &17, 72070 Tuebingen, Germany

Distribution: Rough Trade Records, Herne, Germany RTD 369 9006.2 42