"Shadow Man"


Sasha & Mick Taylor

A new CD will be out soon by Sasha, featuring Mick Taylor. It is a blues/rock-orientated CD with Mick Taylor on solo guitar. It sounds a bit strange, when you listen to it for the first time, but will grow by further listening. More info in the next few days, even some pics.

Track List:

1) Turn off The Light

2) Hurt

3) Just Another Heartache

4) Shadow Woman

5) Don't Cry

6) Honky Tonk Woman

7) Shattered

8) Happy Man

9) Don't Wait Too Long

10) This Night

All songs written by Gracanin except Honky Tonk Woman, which is written by Jagger/Richards (of course).

The "Shadow Man" Band in action.

All picture by Neil Seiffer, used by permission.

More pics