Bridges to Babylon
Germany 1998

"A lousy summer, but we can live with it" - Keith, Hamburg 1998

Yes Keith, the weather was really lousy and we got quite wet a couple of times. But we really liked it a lot! It was different this time, though, I never had a real tour feeling, as the german concerts were not all in a row like the 9 shows in 1990. Then we had the problem with the rib, that famous rib, which made all of the plans for the summer, all bookings, all travel arrangements, arragements with friends about who sleeps were, redundant. I still must admit I was really shocked to hear about it all just days before we were due in Berlin. We had arranged flights to Berlin, from there to Munich and then back to Gelsenkirchen, we had arrangements to stay with a friend in Munich who was moving just two weeks after the proposed date of the show, we had made our holiday bookings and then the new Gelsenkirchen date was announced right in the middle of our holidays. We had to re-arrange everything, lost some money, had to get rid of spare tickets etc. I still must admit (as I wrote on UNDERCOVER then), for some days I was out of control. 

After the initial delays, Mannheim was delayed as well and the tour did not take off before Nuremberg. I think I hated this tour and my feelings only went the other way when I got into the front section in Nuremberg. Before that I would have asked the Stones to pack it in this year and come back next year, just try it again, hopefully without problems. Now I have seen 9 shows (less than on the last two tours) and have the chance to see them again next year. What more can we ask for?

The Stones were different as well. I never noticed the difference between Ronnie and Keith as much as on this tour. Ronnie - the funny guy with the funny faces, playing to himself or to the backing vocalists and only sometimes to the audience. When he is wide awake, he DOES play and is really good. When he is not wide awake, you just can forget him. Keith - controlling the stage with absolute dignity. I have seen him wear more funny hats during the rain than on any other tour and he never looked funny. He is in absolute control and he can't be bothered by things like weather or rain, he just goes on and does what he does absolutely up to par! Wonderful! 

Then we have Mick, who always seems to be playing a role on stage, over-enhancing movements, funny walks etc. He's a good actor, he's good singer (well, at least he sounds right for the kind of tunes he's singing), but he does not have the grace that Keith has. And then there's Charlie, who's keeping it all together with his steady beat, but couldn't care less. I remember him being caught polishing his nails whilst being introduced. You never know if he is doing it on purpose or not. Most of the times he IS doing it on purpose, but you are far from shure. Funny guy.

This is my 2 cents on the tour, have a look through the pages and see if you like it. The links are all on the left, just click them. Pictures have thumbnails most of the times, so click the small one to see the big one. If you have something you might want to add, just send it to me. I hope these memories will be somehow entertaining to you, although the are my and our memories and most likely you haven't even been to the concerts I write about.