This was it, our summer with the Stones 1998. Very different to former tours, sometimes more mature, sometimes not as crazy as it used to be on the tours before, sometimes even more crazy than before, but always with lots of new experiences. The Bill Wyman shows in the autumn will be some kind of encore to this tour and maybe I will catch a glimpse of Mick Taylor as well, but there's nothing like the real experience in the front row, or is there?

I think I have to say thank you to a few people, for being there, for being on this tour, for being on tours with me for years now, for accomodation, food, transport, donating pictures for these pages, books, tapes, magazines, info, whatever.

My wife Petra

Axel Schumacher & Nico Zentgraf (+ Silvia & Petra)

Werner Dwenger (& Helga)

Birgit & Dirk Jennerjahn

Gary "Thief in the Night" Robertson

Peter "Klebeband" Cunningham

Dieter Hoffmann

Gerd van der Zee & Jaqueline Witschke
Juergen Wanda
Peter Fabianke
Hans, Gerrit, Alwin Hansen and everybody else we met at the shows

The UNDERCOVER mailing list
...and , of course, Mick, Keith, Charlie & Ronnie. Without them these shows would never happen.
See you all on the next tour, ok?