Mannheim 12. September, 1998

Here's what I wrote after the show:

So that was it: My last show on the B2B tour this year. Keith told us, he  would miss us, Mick promised to have fun with us tonight, but it was rather  unspectacular. That doesn't mean that it was not good, but I would have  loved one or the other song being replaced with a non-standard song. 

The Maimarkt is a parking lot between lots of motorways, but from a source  in Heidelberg, that took us to that place in 1995, we knew how to get there  without traffic jams and without problems getting out again. We arrived, early, before 2 pm. There were about 1000 or 1500 people there and we were  led into an area right behind the front gate left. That was good, because  when the doors were opened, the gates behind us were closed, until this  area was emptied. So there was not much competition when we ran to the  front and we made it safely into Ronnie's side. A couple of us were late,  but after 3 months of touring and extensive use of mobile phones, we knew  how to get anyone into the front section. :-))

The weather was cold and windy, sometimes rain came down. There were hevy  dark clouds over the stage, but nothing came down during the show. One  point for that. But everyone up there was freezing, so we saw a lot of new  coats and jackets from the boys.

The Corrs opened. They did alright, but earned the applause rather by  looking good (in the cold <g>) than playing good. I wished the Stones would  have come out to play "Rocky Road to Dublin" with them, but that didn't  happen.

The Stones came on just before 9 pm, it was the Leipzig curtain again, so no rockets, because the curtain did not open in time. Lots of smoke on  stage though, because it was windy and the dry ice worked at last this show.

Ronnie was wide awake, so he played very loud and inspired, lots of soloing from his side. Gimme Shelter was tight, Saint of me had a long rendition of the oh-yeahs and Out of Control was really good tonight as well. They  showed a screen for webchoice giving Mannheim on it, but I have my doubts  about that now. Let it Bleed was the choice, so Thierry got what he wanted.  :-)) 

We made it onto the jumbotron first time this tour during Miss You and again during Brown Sugar, so you could see Nico, Petra, Axel, Gerd, Jaqueline, Dirk, Dirk's wife Petra, Birgit and me all in one spot together. Shame we did not get a pic of that, although Axel made lots of pics during the night.

There were great pictures to look at just in front of us: The guitar harmonica solo during Out of control, Keith kneeling to Ronnie during Wanna  Hold you, Mick being f... from behind by Lisa (he did some pelvis movements  to her during Miss you on the other side of the stage, so that was her revenge). Lisa gave Mick a Kiss on his cheek during the "Love, sister, is  just a kiss away" on Gimme Shelter, which seemed to be new to him as he gave a weird look.

As I said, Ronnie soloed well and played well. I think one of the problems with Ronnie's guitar playing is that he is responsible not for the fat  sound, but for the high clear sounds, that do not come through that good in
the mix. He DOES play a lot, but when you are listening to hear the guitar,  you wait for the fat distorted and sustained sound, and that's Keith's bit.  Ronnie did very good slide guitar on Let it Bleed and Jagger seemed to be really impressed. It was good to see that.

Lots of presents were thrown on stage during the catwalk bit and the last  songs. Mick got a teddy bear, there were roses and pieces of paper, a scarf or two for Ronnie.

All in all, a good show, but nothing spectacular. Maybe I am just getting greedy. Maybe I am not. Can`t wait to see them again next year in London. That was 9 shows and 9 wristbands for me. And Petra and I feel very good about it all.

Set List:
1) Satisfaction
2) Let's Spend the night together
3) Flip the Switch
4) Gimme Shelter
5) Anybody seen my baby
6) Paint it Black
7) Saint of Me
8) Out of Control
9) Let it Bleed
10) Miss You
11) You don't have to mean it (featuring LEAH WOOD)
12) Wanna Hold You
13) Little Queenie
14) You got Me rocking
15) Like A Rolling Stone
16) Sympathy for the Devil
17) Tumbling Dice
18) Honky Tonk Woman
19) Start Me Up
20) Jumping Jack Flash
21) Brown Sugar
Mannheim was the end, Axel did not go to Greece, so we all had to say goodbye to the Stones and to each other here. Petra and I went eraly that morning, just a less than three hour drive took us down to Heidelberg. When you pass from Heidelberg to Mannheim, take the exit before the exit you are supposed to take and drive to the next - crossing - motorway as near as you can. Park there, walk ten minutes and you are there. There were hefty traffic jams after the show, but we just got to the car, started it and drove off. Easy as that.

Being there early was an advantage, we got into a section between the front gates and the gates to the Maimarkt and waited with another 1000 fans there. I did see Kemelfield inside, he was getting a couple of girls in before the gates opened. Then the gates at the right side of the field were opened for a minute or two and about 50-100 people got in before they were closed again. We could not really see what happende, but complained loudly. Meanwhile Dirk Jennerjahn and his wife (another Petra), had arrived with some friends. It was good to spend the time waiting with people you knew from so many tours and shows. When the gates opened properly, we just ran to Ronnie's side and got real good places in front of Ronnie's amps. Birgit Jennerjahn was there as well, Axel, Nico, Gerd and Jaqueline joined us later. I still remember directing Nico, who was still on the motorway, to a place to park next to our car by mobile phone while standing there in the separated area. Logistics for fans is a strange thing, but we were pro's now in getting people in. ;-)) Mannheim 1995 was teh highlight of the tour, the Stones were in superb form and the weather was hot, threatening thunderstorms hanging over the hills of nearby Heidelberg, lightning in the sky behind the stage, but no rain. This time is was raining a bit, in the afternoon the dark clouds did hang over us and it was nearly dark, but the big rain did not come down. Another ghastly atmosphere, but the concert was not that spectacular. It was good, but the extra bit was missing. I would have like one or the other change in the set list, maybe YCAGWYW thrown in again for good measure or something special on stage, but that did not happen.

Nico loved the Corrs, they were alright and looked really pretty, but felt very cold on stage, as you could see from the girls. I was not that impressed, but they would have made a nice backing chorus to one or the other Stones song or should have come out during Miss You or something like that.

As this was the last show, Axel did take a lot of pics there, so have a look and enjoy them. And it was our first time on the jumbotron, a good ending to a nice tour.



Keith on the Jumbotron

Mick - Brown Sugar

Exploding Jumbotron - Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

Flip the Switch

Flip the Switch

Anybody seen my Baby

Jumping Jack Flash

Gimme Shelter

Out of Control

Ronnie & Charlie

Wanna Hold You

Wanna Hold You

Lisa, Blondie, Ronnie & Keith

Out of Control

Let it Bleed

The Bridge

You don't have to mean it


Wanna Hold You

Mick & Lisa - Miss You

Final Bows

Final Bows

Final Bows

Goodbye for 1998

Birgit Jennerjahn waving 

Johannes Delmere under the Mannheim skies

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