Bremen, 2. September, 1998
No, I could not make it. Vanessa, our kid, had her 5th birthday on that day and that was it. Family comes first, even with all the Stones' madness going on around us. I just could not do it to her, leave her alone on her birthday.

Nico went, Gerd went as well, Birgit and Dirk went, and it's good to see Gerd and Birgit and Nico in the TV Special. I have seen that a couple fo times now, although only the abridged version from german TV. Would like to see the complete version, because the german version is cut very harshly, editing out bits and pieces from songs, no Out of Control, no slow songs. Not even You can't always get what you want, which was only played in Bremen for Germany. How much was I anticipating to hear that song again, having heard it even back in 1976. I like that song a lot, prefferably the old version they used to play in the 70ies. But, as they say, you can't always get what you want.

Maybe I can get Nico to write down a report of the show, maybe you do not need one, as you have all seen the TV special. It's a shame I was not there, but on the other, I do not really regret it when I think of Vanessa. I hope you understand.

Set List
   2.Let's Spend The Night Together
   3.Flip The Switch
   4.Gimme Shelter
   5.Anybody Seen My Baby
   6.Paint It Black
   7.Saint Of Me
   8.Out Of Control
   9.Memory Motel (web choice)
  10.Miss You
     -- Introductions --
  11.Thief In The Night (Keith)
  12.Wanna Hold You (Keith)
  13.It's Only Rock'n Roll (center stage)
  14.You Got Me Rocking (center stage)
  15.Like A Rolling Stone (center stage)
  16.Sympathy For The Devil
  17.Tumbling Dice
  18.Honky Tonk Women
  19.Start Me Up
  20.Jumping Jack Flash
  21.You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
  22.Brown Sugar (encore) 

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