F . Paul Thompson

13/5/51: Born in County Durham.
1966: Takes up drumming and gets his first drum kit.
1967: Leaves school and is apprenticed in the office of Vicker's shipyard in Yarrow.
1968 - 71: Plays in The Influence, The Urge, Billy Fury's backing group and Smokestack.
1971: Moves to London and splits from Smokestack. Gets to know Ferry, Mackay and Eno. Joins Roxy Music after Dexter Lloyd has split from the early incarnation of Roxy Music.
1973 - 1977: Plays drums on nearly every solo recording by the other members of Roxy Music.
1974: Writes "Your Application's Failed", B-side of Roxy's "All I Want Is You".
1977: Joins Bryan Ferry on drums on the solo world tour.
1979: After having played on "Manifesto" and the first tour after the reformation, Ferry is no longer satisfied with the drumming of Paul Thompson, so he is not invited to take part in the recording sessions for "Flesh And Blood".
1980: Should be on the 1980 Tour, but shortly before this he breaks his fingers in a motorcycle accident and is replaced. The injuries are so bad that he does not seem to be able to take up drumming again.
Opens a gun shop in London to make a living.
1986: Another reformation of 801 is planned. Paul Thompson rehearses with the band, but nothing comes out of the sessions.