D . Andy Mackay

23/7/46: Born in Cornwall.

1947: Family move to London.

1951: Visits St. James The Less Primary School, Pimlico.

1959: Visits Guildhall School of Music and St. Margaret's School, Westminster, where he was head chorister.

1960: Joins Westminster City Grammar School. Joins the London Schools Symphony Orchestra and plays oboe.

1965: Enrolls at Reading University, trains to become a classical musician, buys a saxophone.

1967: Meets Brian Eno at an experimental music concert at Reading University.

1968: Forms R'n'B combo Nova Express and plays local gigs with them; teaches himself saxophone.

Shows a lot of interest in avant-garde and John Cage and studies avant-garde music.

Degree in Music; returns to London.

1969: Spends some time in Florence, Italy and lives in Rome; afterwards he takes up a teaching career.

1971: Meets Bryan Ferry and becomes member of Roxy Music.

Autumn 73: Andy Mackay joins Jon Lord of Deep Purple and Eberhard Schoener for two performances of "Rock meets Classic" in Munich. Pieces like the "Gemini Suite" and excerpts from the Concerto for Group and Orchestra are played.

1974: First solo LP "In Search of Eddie Riff" is released in different formats in England and America. Single: "Wild Weekend".

1975: Andy Mackay does the music for the "Rock Follies" TV series.

1976: Writes and produces the "Rock Follies" LP; also works with Maggie Bell on the song "Hazell".

1977: Does the "Rock Follies of 77".

1978: Visits China for eight months. His second solo LP "Resolving Contradictions", which is very much influenced by the visit, is recorded afterwards.

1981: Writes the book "Electronic Music", published in 1982, a historical survey of the evolution of electronic instruments.

1983: Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera form The Explorers together with James Wraith. Andy Mackay moves to Republic of Ireland. Scores the music for the BBC TV play "Videostars".

February 84: Gives talk on futurist music on Radio 3.

Spring 84: Recording sessions with The Explorers in Barbados and Ireland.

June 84: "Lorelei", the first Explorers single is released.

October 84: Release of "Falling For Nightlife/Crack The Whip".

Autumn 84: Andy Mackay is featured on South Bank Show on Electronic Music.

December 84: First Explorers' gig, BBC Radio One "In Concert".

Early 85: Explorers release "Two Worlds Apart".

May & June 85: UK Tour, The Explorers release their first LP. Single: "Venus De Milo".

Summer 85: A few European tour dates and a Tommy Vance Radio Session. Plays on Arcadia's LP.

October 85: Works on second Explorers LP at Gallery Studios.

1986: As the Explorers do not have any commercial success at all, the second LP, which has been recorded throughout the year, never sees the light of day. The Explorers disband in 1986.

1987: Works on different projects, short stories, a Roxy Music biography. Does recording sessions with Mike Oldfield and Well Well Well.

1988: An album of Explorer's songs is released under the name "Manzanera & Mackay". It features 3 tracks from the sessions for the second LP.

Studies sociology and earns a degree.

1989: Miles Copeland's I. R. C. Records announce the release of an instrumental album by Manzanera & Mackay later in the year.