Chapter XV : Oddities

In this chapter I have listed all the records that might have something to

do with Roxy Music or the individual members, but where no confirmation

could be obtained. Most of these are obscure records, some of them are

even just rumors. If anybody has more information on these records, please

contact me.

1) Canterbury Tapes - LP

Kevin Ayers with Brian Eno:

1) Dedicated To You

2) Piano Duet

3) Lady Rachel

4) Goodnite

Producer: unknown 1984

This record might be a bootleg, although it looks pretty much like an

original recording. Only the sound quality is not satisfactory. It is also

not listed in any discography of Brian Eno. Brian Eno actually is on the

record, playing weird piano with Kevin Ayers and talking to the DJ.

GB: Porcupine PORC 4/5

2) The Dumbells - 7-Inch

(1) Giddy Up (Incl. Sleigh Ride) (L. Anderson, arr. Dumbells) 2.50

(2) A Christmas Dream (Dumbells) 3.20

Producer: The Dumbells 1980

At least Phil Manzanera is present on this record. The B-side sounds like

"Europe 70-1" from "Primitive Guitars". Some newspapers even say that it's

done by all members of Roxy Music as a Christmas gimmick. No confirmation

could be obtained about this.

GB: Polydor/EG POSP 209

3) Brian Eno - 7-Inch

(1) Berlin Horse

(2) ???

Producer: ? 1970

A tape with a 6-minute song is in circulation, called "Berlin Horse". It is

said that this was done by Brian Eno on a small, unmentioned record label

in 1970. The existence of this single is in doubt! If it exists, it would

be one of the earliest recordings of Brian Eno being available. I have my

doubts about the whole thing, as no biography mentions such a recording.

4) Hawkwind - LP

Friends & Relations Vol. III


Robert Calvert - The Widow Song

The lyrics to this song are on the "Captain Lockheed" LP, but it is not

included there. Eno may be on this song, as he was on the album as well.


5) The Residents - LP

Commercial Album

This is an LP by The Residents, containig 50 songs that are exactly 1

minute long. A "special secret guest" is mentioned on the cover. Rumour

has it that this was Brian Eno.

6) Snatch - 12-Inch

(1) Shopping For Clothes (Leiber/Stoller) 5.16

(2) Joey (Palladin/Nylon) 3.12

(3) Red Army (Palladin/Nylon) 4.49

Producer: Snatch 1980

GB: Fetish 004

This record contains the song "R. A. F." called "Red Army" on this record.

It doesn't sound too much like the song done by Brian Eno & Snatch,

although it bears some resemblance to it. Eno might be involved in this


7) Topo D. Bill - 7-Inch

(1) Witchitaito (Pepper) 3.29

(2) Jam (Tom E. Cross) 3.09

Producer: `Legs` Larry Smith 1970 (?)

G: Hansa 14823 AT

GB: Charisma CB 116

This is a studio-joke production by members of the Bonzo Dog Band. It is

rumored that Brian Eno is playing synthesizer on the B-side.